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Welcome to Ex-Pros in the Diaspora a dynamic and passionate group of Nigerian Ex-Professional Squash Players dedicated to revolutionising the game of squash in Nigeria With a profound connection to our roots and a deep love for the sport, we have come together to make a meaningful impact on squash at the grassroots level.

Having benefited one way or the other from playing the game in Nigeria, we believe the least we can do is to give back to the game in our own little way by supporting, developing, sponsoring, mentoring and promoting the game with our resources combined.

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Five Pillars drills & progressions
Strengthen the central column of your body to improve your posture and get more powerful
PSA World Championships Cairo 2022
England’s Perry Avoids Upset to Reach PSA World Championships Cairo Quarter Finals
Women/Girls in Squash
Understanding female participation in sport and physical activity, For many clubs, engaging more women and girls in squash is a major priority.

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Just say hello or drop us a line. You can manualy send us email on info@nigeriadiasporasquash.org