About us

About Us
Welcome to Ex-Pros in the Diaspora a dynamic and passionate group of Nigerian Ex-Professional Squash Players dedicated to revolutionising the game of squash in Nigeria With a profound connection to our roots and a deep love for the sport, we have come together to make a meaningful impact on squash at the grassroots level.

Having benefited one way or the other from playing the game in Nigeria, we believe the least we can do is to give back to the game in our own little way by supporting, developing, sponsoring, mentoring and promoting the game with our resources combined.

Our Mission

At Ex-Pros in the Diaspora, our mission is clear: we aim to empower Nigerian squash by supporting its development, nurturing talent, and fostering a vibrant squash community. Drawing from our personal experiences and acknowledging the transformative power of squash, we are committed to giving back to the game that has given us so much.

Who We Are

We are a collective of former Nigerian squash players who have successfully competed on national and international stages. Having travelled far and wide, we now reside outside of Nigeria, but our hearts remain firmly rooted in our homeland. United by a shared vision, we bring together our skills, expertise, and resources to uplift squash in Nigeria.

Igniting Change and Empowering Youth

In 2016, we founded the Ex-Pros in the Diaspora association with a primary goal: to address the lack of squash tournaments in Nigeria. However, our vision expanded beyond tournaments as we recognized the immense potential for youth development within the sport. Today, our association combines teaching squash, leadership development, and mentoring to create a comprehensive youth program.

Creating Opportunities for Growth

Through our annual sponsorship of a national junior tournament and engaging seminars, we provide young squash players with the platform to showcase their skills, foster healthy competition, and inspire their dreams of reaching new heights. Our coaching clinics cater to players of all levels, empowering them with the necessary skills, techniques, and strategies to excel in their game.

Beyond the Court: Nurturing Well-Rounded Champions

We believe in nurturing not only exceptional squash players but also well-rounded individuals. Our association offers life coaching and mentoring, equipping young athletes with essential life skills, resilience, and leadership qualities that extend far beyond the squash court. Additionally, we organize seminars and discussions on topics such as life after squash, education, vocational opportunities, and career development.

Collaboration and Partnership for Success

We understand that achieving our mission requires collaboration and partnership. We actively engage with progressive squash stakeholders in Nigeria, fostering dialogue, and working together to bring about the desired change in Nigerian squash. By identifying and collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals, we strive to maximize our impact and collectively move Nigerian squash forward.

Our Unyielding Commitment

Our commitment to developing squash in Nigeria is unwavering. We constantly seek innovative ways to enhance our programs, embrace sports science principles, and provide opportunities for players to thrive. We envision a future where Nigerian squash reaches its full potential, producing world-class players and establishing Nigeria as a force to be reckoned with on the global squash stage.

The association annually sponsor a national junior tournament and seminars.

We also plan to provide

  • Coaching clinic to players
  • Coaching and refresher training to coaches
  • Life coaching and mentoring
  • Life after Squash Seminars and discussion
  • Education and vocational Seminars
  • Help juniors in gaining admission into schools abroad
  • Dialogue with our counterparts in Nigeria with the aims of working together to bring about the desired change to move Nigerian Squash forward
  • Identify and work with progressive Squash stakeholders in Nigeria

Join us on this incredible journey as we shape the future of Nigerian squash. Together, we will create a legacy of excellence, empowerment, and lasting change.

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Just say hello or drop us a line. You can manualy send us email on info@nigeriadiasporasquash.org